Package Plans

Pack A

  • Flights (up to 10 cities)
  • Hotels (up to 10 cities)
  • Car Rentals (Coming Soon!)

Pack B

  • Unique Places to See
  • What to Do 
  • Food to Try

Pack C

  • Routes
  • Themed Routes (ie: Roman Ruins)
  • Festivals

Pack D

  • Meeting Locals
  • Meeting Other Travelers
  • Meeting to Share an Activity

Price Per City: $10.95


Price Per City: $5.95


Price Per City: $19.95


Price Per City:

Extra Services: SIM Card, Bookings

There are a million and one websites out there that offer you information on “How To Plan The Perfect Trip”, and a million more websites that tell you about the places you should visit and what you should be doing when you get there. We are here to make it easier for you, to create a personalized trip, so you're NOT traveling "Google" style, and succumbing to having the same experiences as everyone else. Let us help you!

Example How To Customize Your Plan

Destination: Spain
Cities: Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona


Packet A - $10.95
Packet B - $5.95
Total: $16.90


Packet B - $5.95
Total: $5.95


Packet A - included offer (up to 10 cities)
Packet B - $5.95
Packet C - $15.95
Total: $21.90

Grand Total: $44.75